Thank You To Leicester City's Adam Martin | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21 

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In his 14 years at Leicester City Football Club, Adam has played a key role in the local community, providing education and participation to all ages.

To thank him, we are inviting him to walk the famous trophy out onto the pitch for this season's Emirates FA Cup Final 🏆

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14. mai. 2021





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Nici Pretorius
Nici Pretorius 11 dager siden
What an awesome experience this must of been. Adam
Decimus Septimus Tutelus
Then Chelsea beat Leicester in the league so Man Utd finished second and can turn out a reserve team against Wolves before Europa League Final.Fixed or what?
Jacob Hutchings
Jacob Hutchings Måned siden
I thought it was mooy in the thumbnail at first
knowledge Army
knowledge Army Måned siden
Forget Chelsea
J J Måned siden
Caglar is best defans in premier lig congratulations soyuncu 👏
Colin Dale
Colin Dale Måned siden
Emirza Irfan
Emirza Irfan Måned siden
Imagine been supporting the community for 14 years, suddenly invited to watch the Finals, and actually saw them won. I cannot hold my tears of joy if that were me.
M Måned siden
Congrats to Leicester and adam. Am also a united fan .
Kevin Simpson
Kevin Simpson Måned siden
Well Done Leicester City Again ! From A Villa Fan In Wallsend Northeast Of England! It’s Nice To See A Midlands Team Win It For A Change!
Jeff Gillen
Jeff Gillen Måned siden
Congratulations to Leicester from an Everton fan only wish my club was run by your owners you should be proud 👏
Andrew Azur
Andrew Azur Måned siden
First of all Fantastic Mr Foxes from a very happy Arsenal Fan and just like last year chelski were moaning and crying into their caviar secondly is it time to put the FA Cup Winners straight into 4th place because I think they should
G R Måned siden
I'm so so happy for Leicester City, brilliant well done, you really are a wonderful team, especially for the owners.... As an arsenal fan I'm so jealous to see the way the owners feel and support their team,,, awesome, unfortunately we have *&'*£:* Stan Kroenke,,, kroenke watch and learn how owners should behave,,, just leave your club,, you selfish rat,,, well done Leicester 👍🏽
mandy dandy
mandy dandy Måned siden
Don't you have any English players? in your football Chelsea another non English team why don't they move to Europe I love how the English are vanishing from football TV & Streets. Those were the day's when it was ok to be English
Mike Vernon
Mike Vernon Måned siden
Yep we do; but you could have found that out from Google. Another racist who can't apparently read and definitely does not understand English grammar. Really makes you pround to be English doesn't (with apostrophe in the correct place) it?
Tuku Watchdog
Tuku Watchdog Måned siden
Congratulations to Leicester from a United fan
Tatenda Mhuriro
Tatenda Mhuriro Måned siden
Leicester is that one team that many of us are incapable of hating 😂
Tuku Watchdog
Tuku Watchdog Måned siden
@Bruh Yeet Arsenal 🤡 🤡
Bruh Yeet
Bruh Yeet Måned siden
Support Arsenal Please
Bless haskey Leicester city ENGLAND legend 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Hopefully Leicester city will win Fa cup 🖐💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Gareth Robinson
Gareth Robinson Måned siden
@Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher You're not a prophet are you? 😜
DJ StaysFocused
DJ StaysFocused Måned siden
@Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher Well... 😂
Fat Koemen The Pe Teacher
😂 Chelsea will batter them
Jumbo Jerrycansyt
Jumbo Jerrycansyt Måned siden
My mum works for emarates
Lynnie Heal
Lynnie Heal Måned siden
Thank you for sharing .#lcfc ARE the best.Many congratulations #lcfc #wembleystadium #emiratesfacup Final 🏆 FANTASTIC WIN I AM SO PROUD .
Rahzz Capone
Rahzz Capone Måned siden
Bill burr
Jack Bryan
Jack Bryan Måned siden
Love that Ads!! well done mate
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will decide who wins with corrupt referees like Anthony Taylor and Andre Mariner.
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will get a corrupt referee like Anthony Taylor to spoil it for Chelsea.
Huntedstuck5 Måned siden
I'm surprised
World Class7
World Class7 Måned siden
Fadi Måned siden
He looks like a really nice guy
Millie Cooper
Millie Cooper Måned siden
He’s a great man!
Gareth Robinson
Gareth Robinson Måned siden
He is! I used to work with him at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
Borimir Grozdev
Borimir Grozdev Måned siden
adam anselm
adam anselm Måned siden
Fake Real Estate Agent Prank!