Incredible Stops & Heroic Defending | Best Saves Of The Season | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21 

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Not all heroes wear capes. Relive the best saves and stops from the Emirates FA Cup season! From Cheltenham Town's Ben Tozer's clearing a certain goal off the line to Kasper Schmeichel's incredible Final stops to secure a first-ever FA Cup trophy for the Foxes.

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21. mai. 2021





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Timothy Alexander
Timothy Alexander 7 dager siden
This Video is Awesome 💯⚽👑
farhan quamr
farhan quamr 7 dager siden
That save by schmeichel to deny mount 🥵
Joy Castro
Joy Castro 8 dager siden
I'm in dubai
Random dose of Memes
Random dose of Memes 8 dager siden
Harry Wrigley
Harry Wrigley 19 dager siden
rosa hernandez
rosa hernandez 20 dager siden
ruaz p
ruaz p 26 dager siden
Really really awesome
QuinnyFM 27 dager siden
1:05 Any FM players know of this guy. Absolute beast between the sticks for werder Bremen for a solid 10 years
Bert Johnas
Bert Johnas 27 dager siden
I wish I could get more from sports than just pleasure of watching
Jozo Ivankovic
Jozo Ivankovic 4 dager siden
I got Victory with him, my only regrets is I played the game I got from him so low with fear 😓😥
Antoine Laurent
Antoine Laurent 4 dager siden
My first game with William hill gave me the assurance that has made me get more without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with her already and we are happy for the winings we have enjoyed
Bert Johnas
Bert Johnas 27 dager siden
@Albert Owen thanks I'm getting his games ASAP
Albert Owen
Albert Owen 27 dager siden
@Bert Johnas +"4"4"7"4"4"8 7"4"1"1"1"2
Albert Owen
Albert Owen 27 dager siden
@Bert Johnas You can contact him via his official business WhatsApp forum
DudesOfDudesMJG_YT 28 dager siden
The Clearnce From 0:02 Is Like He Passed Out
Lahiru Nimesh
Lahiru Nimesh 28 dager siden
Just incredible 🖤
The Red House _3
The Red House _3 28 dager siden
Levan Jeffers
Levan Jeffers 28 dager siden
Wes Morgan to retire at the end of the season he will be rembered for ever big up to morgan
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
Just can’t beat that Schmiechel save this year! 🤭😎
Neamtu Horatiu
Neamtu Horatiu 28 dager siden
Ahmet Yavas
Ahmet Yavas 28 dager siden
Out of pocket tik toks