FULL MATCH | Late Drama At Wembley Stadium | Crystal Palace v Manchester Utd | Emirates FA Cup 2016 

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Manchester United come back from a goal down to beat Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium in 2016!

Watch the 2020-21 Emirates FA Cup Final on Saturday 15 May at 5:15pm BST.

Follow @EmiratesFACup on Twitter for in-game highlights and match updates!


To find out more about The Emirates FA Cup visit:

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Criss Sontay
Criss Sontay 21 dag siden
The vast twine lately continue because home curiosly ask into a same cap. interesting, pricey hair
notpole hunoqtib
notpole hunoqtib 25 dager siden
The pushy sagittarius metrically move because skirt genomically count till a helpless step-sister. ubiquitous, erratic meat
Orlando Rosario Fabian
Orlando Rosario Fabian 26 dager siden
2:16:17 Three Prat in black and white
Nasi Goreng 2
Nasi Goreng 2 Måned siden
2:12:27 , LOL moment 🤣🤣
Tasty Måned siden
Never dance against United, it should go without saying.
shawn Miranda
shawn Miranda Måned siden
Pardew looked like an absolute prat in the end for doing that dance
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes Måned siden
Greatest of English football 😍😍
-/- Måned siden
When lingard became lingardihno
David Ryan
David Ryan Måned siden
Please please upload the 2015 FA Cup final
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will get a corrupt referee like Anthony Taylor to spoil it for Chelsea.
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Måned siden
2:16:19 🤮
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Måned siden
1:24:00 2:03:20
Thomas McInerney
Thomas McInerney Måned siden
The creation of lingardinho
SuperRed Fan 15
SuperRed Fan 15 Måned siden
That was an amazing day
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Måned siden
mr liverpool
mr liverpool Måned siden
top 5 most successful clubs in England 1 liverpool 48 2 utd 45 3rd arsenal 31 4th chelsea 25 5th city 22 England is red by miles
Phong Quoc
Phong Quoc Måned siden
Bravo Mu
Danish Smith
Danish Smith Måned siden
And now we're bottling trophies under this clown. Pain
PrometheusTV Måned siden
@Seán O'Reilly Better than finishing 5th like this guy did
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Måned siden
@Seán O'Reilly And we’re in a final now. I know second isn’t an achievement but it’s improvement
Seán O'Reilly
Seán O'Reilly Måned siden
@Bilal Ahmed we also lost about 4 semi finals in a row with him, and second isnt an achievement
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Måned siden
We’re second and in a European final...
Quick Clips !
Quick Clips ! Måned siden
Time flies.. can’t believe this was 5 years ago
Bobby Sadd
Bobby Sadd 28 dager siden
@Josue Vasquez who me
Josue Vasquez
Josue Vasquez 28 dager siden
Shut up
Bobby Sadd
Bobby Sadd Måned siden
Init time flies
Borimir Grozdev
Borimir Grozdev Måned siden
Lingard is world class player
MohdFaroukKhan MFK 666
Seriously...ok we wait n see until euro2020 ends
Big Smoke (Melvin Harris)
@MohdFaroukKhan MFK 666 cause of the clown Southgate.
MohdFaroukKhan MFK 666
Why lingaard not in euro 2020 england squad?lol😂
Big Smoke (Melvin Harris)
My man deserved that POTM award. 😎
Riza Ananda Rusmana
Riza Ananda Rusmana Måned siden
ghost 24z
ghost 24z Måned siden
I remember that world class lingard goal
Ganger 4,8 mill
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts