PLAYER FOCUS | Leicester City's Youri Tielemans v Chelsea | Emirates FA Cup Final 2020-21 

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Relive Youri Telemans' best moments from the Emirates FA Cup Final, as the Belgian midfielder scores an unbelievable winning goal for the Foxes!

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16. mai. 2021





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Steven Van Djik
Steven Van Djik 6 dager siden
He is underated
Arnav Jain
Arnav Jain 19 dager siden
Come to liverpool lad
inc Pv
inc Pv 21 dag siden
Welcome to Liverpool🔴
Gorbi Norbit
Gorbi Norbit 26 dager siden
Best midfielder in PL after KdB and Bruno Penandes
RandomDudeAJ 26 dager siden
Should be in contention for puskas
belgiumkumtich1 Måned siden
When he played at Anderlecht ❤️ nosections.info/green/02WlipWZh6Nkpqo/video.html
Bondinho Måned siden
Better than Frenkie De jong
Nathanael Farand Lushanda
Leicester City Handball......
J-roc69 Måned siden
Cracking player, he would get into just about any side in the world right now
Lewis Greenwood
Lewis Greenwood Måned siden
PotterSky nut
PotterSky nut Måned siden
I hope leceister city could still keep fantastic player with them.
matpsim Måned siden
Tielemans does it all - passing range and vision, sets up and scores goals, and makes astute tackles and interceptions. The way he reads the game lets him get to the right place early and makes it seem like the ball follows him. Fantastic player. Hope he stays at LCFC for many years.
Phat Tham
Phat Tham Måned siden
LCFC have to look for new player again soon. 😅
Yuranun zaazoo
Yuranun zaazoo Måned siden
Underrated player great vision
Henry Andrew Medina Condo
Sam Borland
Sam Borland Måned siden
My love for that guy😍😍
olalere israel
olalere israel Måned siden
Absolute baller
Hal R9-Kanu
Hal R9-Kanu Måned siden
Martin Tyler producing an actual reaction to the goal
Abdulmalik Ali Mohamed
I live in Leicester and I've met Youri Tielemans before couple of times first one being in October 2019 at a club signing session. I know where Youri Tielemans gets his haircut from in St Matthews in Leicester but I wont say where.He is a player I really admire and he was really nice to give me his matchworn shirt from Leicester City vs West Brom the other day.I know some ppl won;t belive it but it's true and Ive played footie with him.Not bragging btw
Morgoth Måned siden
Belgium don't just have KDB they have this baller as well 🔥🔥🔥
timothyvdt 24 dager siden
@Ivan Lecky its true that tielemans does not control the midfield as well bet he also does not destroy any attack the moment the ball reaches him thats wy wistsel should never start play h im when ur 1-2 goals up and need to hold on to a lead even we have no actual decent defensive midfielder so the best we can do ise use one pure creative KDB 1 workhorse and one deeplying playmake in tielemans imo can do the latter the best out of everyone who we have and its notlike he can't tackle imo its simple if you dont have a specialist cdm aka busquets fernandinio ect dont use one
Ivan Lecky
Ivan Lecky 24 dager siden
@timothyvdt Witsel is way better than Tielemans as a MC. Tielemans has more creativity but he doesn't have the control of the midfield compared to Witsel. Witsel-Tielemans would be perfect for Euro.
timothyvdt Måned siden
@Alec Van der Haegen Dyson zonder stekker ^^
Alec Van der Haegen
Alec Van der Haegen Måned siden
Gast ge zijt ook gwn aant zeveren eh. Witsel speelt op een andere positie als Tielemans, en heeft ook een uniek profiel. Ik raad u nog is aan om naar de match tegen Brazilië te zien, Witsel was niet gewoon een ordinaire stofzuiger, maar een Dyson
lieven de poortere
lieven de poortere Måned siden
@timothyvdt Wistel?
RYG Måned siden
1:55 tielemans goal
•Niks•Great Måned siden
Belgium AMF🔥
pee0034 kkt
pee0034 kkt Måned siden
Samiul Rupok
Samiul Rupok Måned siden
I'm so happy for Leiscter! Congratulations 🥳🥳!
Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum Måned siden
If KDB scored that goal everyone would be talking about it and it probably would be in contention for puskas, amazing goal by Tielemans
grubbles650 29 dager siden
@Abonneer op Ad l "tell me you don't know football, without telling me you don't know football..."
Vincent Sahney
Vincent Sahney Måned siden
Tielemans has mad respect for kdb. Both world class midfielders. This isn’t a necessary comparison
Abonneer op Ad l
Abonneer op Ad l Måned siden
If Tielemans would be English, the media would say he is the best midfielder in the prem, but no, now they say players like Maddison and Milner are better
D1vine Måned siden
Tielemans looks up to kdb just let it be and give Tielemans some respect without mentioning kdb
A Zer
A Zer Måned siden
Fan Site
Fan Site Måned siden
Won't be surprised if someone takes him away the moment the window opens. Regular story for Leicester every season
ΠΑΣΣΑ άσε τα λεφτά
@Sreeprakash Miracle no his not going to liverpool unless they pay 70m for him
Sreeprakash Miracle
Sreeprakash Miracle 22 dager siden
@Sosa 8 champions league football?? This aged well.... Tielemans is Liverpool bound bro
Sosa 8
Sosa 8 Måned siden
Doubt it, not after the season Leicester has had. Champions league football and FA Cup winners
Tottenham Hotspur Live
What a goal
Rohan Måned siden
Extremely underrated, ran the show for leceister. What a player 🔥
Cole J
Cole J Måned siden
Flawless. Leicester have themselves a special player.
see you soon
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see you soon
Ganger 3,6 mill