Thank you To Chelsea's Mark Blythe | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21 

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As Chelsea's Walking Football Coordinator, Mark has gone above and beyond to play a vital role in his community's wellbeing through the pandemic. Through online fitness and social sessions, Mark provided a much-needed boost to morale for some of the country's most vulnerable.

To thank Mark for all that he has done, he will be walking the famous FA Cup trophy out onto the field ahead of the Emirates FA Cup Final.

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14. mai. 2021





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Frank McConnellogue
Frank McConnellogue Måned siden
The F A cup is a shadow of its former self ,time to take the premier teams out of it because they don’t care if they make the final or not.
CTAA A Måned siden
Think we can all agree, what a great trophy this is, I know there more prestigious trophies now, but this is the oldest cup in football. 💙
Godswill Daniel
Godswill Daniel Måned siden
Come on Chelsea... Let's win this for Mark! #KTBBFH
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
Corrupt referees like Anthony Taylor and Andre Mariner ruins cup finals. Anthony Taylor gave Kovacic a red card for being fouled last year. Well done for corruption FA.
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will get a corrupt referee like Anthony Taylor to spoil it for Chelsea.
Ok Then
Ok Then Måned siden
Win it for mark
Dream sport football
Waiting for final 🎯
Manchester City Ukraine
amitai fish
amitai fish Måned siden
come on Chelsea let’s win the Fa cup💙
Patrick In a Sweater
Nat gon happen.
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will try to prevent Chelsea from winning like last year.