FULL MATCH | Blues On Track For A Special Cup Double | Chelsea v Liverpool | FA Cup Final 2012 

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Our fourth Premiere revisits a very important year for all Chelsea fans, as Roberto Di Matteo guided the Blues to an incredible double, starting with a victory over Liverpool at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup.

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Elijah Kramer
Elijah Kramer 11 timer siden
The bawdy cactus genomically interest because evening rationally thaw abaft a worried jail. second-hand, fluffy patient
Tunar Amirov
Tunar Amirov 21 time siden
Malcolm Ng
Malcolm Ng 12 dager siden
Prime Drogba resurrected!
Vatti 13 dager siden
Liverpool needed black players
วิวัฒน์ บูรดินซาฮิม
Art *12 bnk32" btk21: royalbank norway
Phil R7
Phil R7 Måned siden
Up chelsea 🙌👏👏👏
Coin Toss
Coin Toss Måned siden
Di matteo won a double in his first season and got sacked. Great loyalty by cheslea
Jean0987654321 Måned siden
PBP: Martin Tyler
sebby081086stadium Måned siden
First FA Cup Final to kickoff in the evening, which has been the case now.
Nxtt Pn
Nxtt Pn Måned siden
1:07:08 Great strike by Van Dijk
gre en
gre en Måned siden
1:24:53 Cech save
gre en
gre en Måned siden
I came to see Cech
이지훈 Måned siden
What a legend save!!
Maid Huremović
Maid Huremović Måned siden
1:46, I miss Eva..
james wilcox
james wilcox Måned siden
Does the DVD of this have same commentary????????. Plz reply Thank you ❤
Stats Måned siden
1:34:20 Eva 😍 Wonder where she is now
Alan Bevano
Alan Bevano Måned siden
2012-2021 🔵
Marphi M
Marphi M Måned siden
Plz show us live the finals between chelseafc and Leicester city like the German cup dfb pokal..
Su 10
Su 10 Måned siden
11:05 Chelsea 55:00 Big man for the big occasion aka Mr. Wembley 1:07:04 Liverpool 1:24:50 unluckeeee
Su 10
Su 10 Måned siden
@Crisanto Sacasa unluckeeee in the case of a Liverpool point of view. Yes a world class save from petr
Crisanto Sacasa
Crisanto Sacasa Måned siden
Unlucky? You mean world class save by Cech
Ronan Brophy
Ronan Brophy Måned siden
11:08 Chelsea score 55:02 Chelsea score 1:07:07 Liverpool score 1:24:51 No goal
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright Måned siden
The FA will try to stop Chelsea from winning with corrupt referees like Anthony Taylor and Andre Mariner.
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman Måned siden
Why are Liverpool fans happy we lost to Arsenal? If we finish 5th and they finish 4th, that means if we win the UCL we take their place in the UCL for next season, so it will be the top 3 and Chelsea
siyuan huo
siyuan huo Måned siden
We don't take their place. We qualify alongside them. The rule changed in 2015
Frostyz Måned siden
All dislikes are City fans
SGRTG1 (SGRTG1) Måned siden
come on you blues
xuanbao Xb2103
xuanbao Xb2103 Måned siden
John B. Kim
John B. Kim Måned siden
John B. Kim
John B. Kim Måned siden
@DarkSheeshAre u nut?
DarkSheesh Måned siden
Stop crying nobody can hear you from all the way down in 6th 😂
Nanker Phelge
Nanker Phelge Måned siden
I hope Chelsea beats city in the CL final !
farrelio Måned siden
hopefully chelsea and liverpool get into champions league next season
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman Måned siden
Hopefully we will
Andres Ruiz
Andres Ruiz Måned siden
We will 🔵👍🏻
DarkSheesh Måned siden
@Frostyz tru
Frostyz Måned siden
all the dislikes are city fans
chao mung
chao mung Måned siden
Thanks admin up video
mr liverpool
mr liverpool Måned siden
England is red top 5 most successful clubs in England major 1 liverpool 48 2nd utd 45 3rd arsenal 31 4th chelsea 25 5th city 22. blue comeback to us when u have more trophies than all liverpool have more trophies alone than city n chelsea combined
MINGHUI WANG 9 dager siden
Farahruz Nazarov
Farahruz Nazarov Måned siden
Челси давай лучше
Uty Rino
Uty Rino Måned siden
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